Thursday, 3 June 2010

Review - Chateau Marmont - Nibiru

Chateau Marmont - Nibiru

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7 out of 10

You know when people talk about synth music, do you think of robot noises & the future as seen through the eyes of the The BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 70’s? I do. I like my synth to, not only be synthetic, but played by serious looking French men who are scarily well dressed as to look like they might be androids.

I don’t know what Chateau Marmont look like, or whether they travel with a trouser press (God I do hope so) but they are French & this is just the sort of music they make. It’s retro & futuristic all at once. Think Add N To X with less robot lovin’ & more actual robot & you’re there. Sythtastic elegance, a restrained fantasy of man & machine.


1. Nibiru
2. One Hundred Realities
3. Monodrama
4. Helichrome

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