Thursday, 20 May 2010

Review - Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation

Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation

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6 out of 10

J Mascis has joined / formed another Dinosaur Jr-soundalike band with Sweet Apple, so if you're a fan of the purple-lovin', guitar pedal pushin' axe squealer you'll be in hog's heaven. One John Petkovic wrote the songbase with a certain Tim Parnin, both Cobra Verde alumni before jamming once more with J and the band's namesake bass, Dave Sweetapple. Things are tight but loose and everything seems ideal for driving through rain, consistently catchy in that Green Mind kinda way. Flying Up A Mountain stands out, with its Black Keys / Beefheart riffage and lyrics such as 'I wasn't born, I was detached' and 'I was drunk when I was six, a Marxist at eight'.

If the rain has lessened and your journey's ended at a festival, you'll probably hear this there, too.


1. Do You Remember
2. I've Got A Feeling (That Won't Change)
3. Flying Up A Mountain
4. It's Over Now
5. Can't See You
6. Hold Me, I'm Dying
7. Blindfold
8. Somebody Else's Problem
9. Dead Moon
10. Crawling Over Bodies
11. Never Came
12. Goodnight

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