Monday, 17 May 2010

Review - Pack Of Wolves - A Nice Black Suit

Pack Of Wolves - A Nice Black Suit

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5 out of 10

I'm so confused by this record. It's opposite of a nice black suit, which goes with everything & is always appropriate, it veers wildly from sounding like JR Ewing or even Refused to something more akin to The Cribs.

I'm honestly struggling to describe them musically. Everything they do is pretty well done; it's just there are a lot of different things they are OK at.

It's all very well not being boring, but it's exhausting to listen to something so incoherent. If they stuck with brilliance of the first two tracks this album would be fruity hardcore perfection. Sadly this is not to be so.

I can hear the influences (From .Trail Of Dead to Beatsteaks) & it's a bold & brave move to combine indie & various subgenres of punk, but somehow this Austrian (which may give them a little language barrier leeway for being yet another 'Wolves' band) foursome don't quite pull it off, but the glimmers of greatness are enough to make me sad about that fact.


1. On My Phone And Knees
2. You Like Dreams, We Love Nightmares
3. This Love Feels Like A Heart Attack
4. You Can’t Do It Anymore
5. The More We Sink The Less We Care Why
6. Has The World Changed Or Have I
7. What’s It Like To Be You
8. Soft Chemistry Could Be A Solution
9. Dial B For Bewildement
10. Untiltled
11. Get Well Soon

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