Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Review - Scroobius Pip - Poetry in (e)motion

Scroobius Pip - Poetry in (e)motion

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8 out of 10

Scroobius Pip did a very good job of impressing me along With his pal ’Dan le Sac’ at Reading Festival a couple of years ago so when I learned he had written a book, I was keen to get hold of it and have a good ’ole read.

What we have here is a very impressive insight into the world of Mr. Pip. He commissioned his fans to come up with the art for this illustrated novel and the results have worked very well. Handling many issues of growing up with eloquence and wit, Scroobius is a talented poet and lyricist. Many of the poems contained within can be found in his music with the aforementioned Dan le Sac and I found the little insights into the origins of his work a nice little addition to the book. I think If you’re a fan of hip hop, modern poetry and art, this has to be a book you read soon.

A refreshing break from the norm.


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