Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review - The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal

The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal

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6 out of 10

Your enjoyment of The Scottish Enlightenment hinges on the band's voice, one David Moyes and his dour philosophical musings set to Pavement-style dirge and lilt. There are some lovely guitar lines, like sunshine breaking momentarily through cloud. So far, so Scottish. 'Downbeat' doesn't really begin to cover it, though - this is Arab Strap without the violence, despite . . .A Bit Harder's understated menace. All Homemade Things brings back some watery sunshine, before To The Dogs. . well, the title says it all, really.


1. Pascal
2. If You Would Just Try A Bit Harder
3. Riverbed
4. All Homemade Things
5. To The Dogs

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