Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review - Raising Sand - All Out War

Raising Sand - All Out War

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6 out of 10

Can you imagine ZZ Top jamming with AC/DC fronted by Susie Quatro, the lady from Heart and even PJ Harvey? That’s what Raising Sand sound like. They make ROCK. Yes all in capitals ROCK. In its simplest 3-chord-fast-paced-form ROCK.

It’s all very fine, well and really listenable, but ultimately you could go and see any small pub covers band anywhere in the country & get a similar effect (except you’d know all the words to all the songs & have time to go to the bar when they tried to cover a modern pop song).

Having said that, the vocals are outstanding, the pace relentless and I can imagine the live show being a sweaty, fun sight to behold, but in the quest for straight forward they’ve done nothing new.

With a band fronted by such a powerhouse of a vocalist, maybe I just expect a little more.


1. Alchemy
2. Dirty Weekend
3. All Out War
4. Witness
5. Shake Your Love
6. Spirit
7. Burn It Up
8. One More Time
9. That’s What They Say
10. Unexpected Legacy

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