Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review - Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

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6 out of 10

Having heard the 'Fogg and his band sessionating for Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music the other evening, I can happily report that the tuneage recorded herein sounds much better live. I'm not reviewing their radio session, though, so I'm free to say that this obsession with Coldplay and their clone army HAS TO STOP, kids. Really. There's even a song on here called Bloodrush, for Apple's sake. I can't stand any more of this breathy, oh-so-emotive, pseudo-falsetto singing. And the fact that it's accompanied by music played on a top-of-the-range Casiotone does not make things better. No.

That said, it's pleasant enough. Girlfriends will love it, obviously, especially now the weather's improving a bit. They can sit outside cafes in the sun with it on their iPods and have a bit of a waft. Boys may feel their teeth begin to grate, after a while.


1. A Second Look
2. Moving Parts
3. Bloodrush
4. Stung
5. Quicksand
6. I Will Let You Down
7. Step Into The Page
8. Keep Your Teeth Sharp
9. My Bones Creak
10. Seciov
11. Answerphone

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