Thursday, 7 January 2010

Review - GR & Full-Blown Expansion - GR & Full-Blown Expansion

GR & Full-Blown Expansion - GR & Full-Blown Expansion

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2 out of 10

A lot of us miss Captain Beefheart. But not to the extent that we'll buy GR and his Expansion, Full-Blown or not. They sound like a very stoned van Vliet tribute band having an extended rehearsal. But, who knows? Desperate nostalgics will pony up for any old toss, it would seem, these days. How else to explain the still-burgeoning market for professional musicopyists? Anyway, the world of GR and co. has all the ingredients if you like your soundage rambling and self-consciously 'weird'. I've found weirder things in my socks after a run, to be honest, but there you go. Maybe I should've taken something before listening - something to counteract the sedative effects of the music, perhaps. It's my own fault, though - an opening track nearly thirteen minutes long? The writing was on the trout mask from the start.


1. Descent Along The An-Ti-Fohn-Nul
2. Transfiguration On A Sepiachord
3. The Metal Spike
4. The Intercessor Speaks
5. The Scene (Slowly's Getting Louder)
6. All Stoned Day Long They Take You
7. Blind Black Or Pearly White

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