Thursday, 7 January 2010

Review - La Ira de Dios - Apus Revolution Rock

La Ira de Dios - Apus Revolution Rock

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6 out of 10

This album is an instant aural garage. Looking for that extra something for your freak-sounds night at the local Rockhole? Look no further. A whole album of it may be too much but in small doses, this Peruvian mashup of the Stooges, Ramones, early Black Sabbath and Electric Eel Shock definitely cut the gunk. My Dora the Explorer-level Spanish isn't good enough to comment on the lyrics but the delivery strikes me as rather lacking in humour - although take that with a massive lick of salt on your tequila, obviously. It grunts, it grinds, it stomps and, on occasion, flies. What garages were made for.


1. Revolucion
2. No hay Control
3. Misantropo
4. Todo Arde en Llamas
5. 5000 Anos
6. Yo Solo
7. Lima Ciudad
8. Woman
9. Guerrilla a Go Go
10. Calles Oscuras
11. Megahertz
12. Atravezare
13. 5000 Anos (Video)

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