Sunday, 10 January 2010

Review - Traktor - Lights + Sequence the Sequence

Traktor - Lights + Sequence the Sequence

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3 out of 10

This is very wearing. One doesn't think of Swedes being angry, in general but one listen to Traktor (the band, not the DJ software) will have you building Gothenburg-facing walls almost immediately. It's a relentless stream of Cobain-undead screaming over Bloc Party trying to be a punk band. Some great song titles, though.


1. Lights
2. Speak of the Devil
3. Red Cuts Received
4. The Instant City
5. All These Seconds
6. Gravity Control
7. The Institute of Fine Arts
8. Inaccurate Beat
9. The Vicious Process of the Technician
10. Dance or Die
11. Song Four
12. Why When How What
13. We Constructed Him - Now He Speaks In Code

Sequence the Sequence

1. Lessons For Crimes
2. The Giving
3. Random Close-Ups
4. The Fix
5. Vultures
6. Ouvertyr
7. Drawn Knives and Bent Knees
8. Unknown Ceilings
9. The Return of Mr. Point His Finger
10. Leviathan
11. The Navigator
12. Gaming Without Purpose

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