Sunday, 10 January 2010

Review - These Monsters - Call Me Dragon

These Monsters - Call Me Dragon

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5 out of 10

There's a reason why Mogwai don't have a sax player. It makes your prog / post / whatever-rock sound like Zappa going heavy metal. When the sax isn't parping, the band sound as expected - like Mogwai, with a touch of Tool. Oh, there's also some barely-audible metallic shrieking in the vocal department. I'd expected more from the PR name-dropping, to be honest; album recorded with the chap who has worked with Electric Wizard and Napalm Death, support slots with 65 Days of Static and the Fall and Brew are putting out the CD, but your clangers don't make a band. The music is very earnest and built like Godzilla. There's still got some way to go before These Monsters' illustrious Scottish predecessors are woken up for a nocturnal piss, much less given 'nightmares'.


1. Call Me Dragon
2. Dirty Messages
3. Who Is This Tall Sick Man
4. Biggie and Tupac
5. Harry Patton
6. Space Ritual
7. Deaf Machine

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