Saturday, 2 January 2010

Review - Houdini Dax - BBC Live Sessions EP

Houdini Dax - BBC Live Sessions EP

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7 out of 10

Houdini Dax wants to transplant the Cavern to Cardiff. Only louder. They succeed, too, for the most part. Robin You Lie roars its boogie-filled buttocks off. Fizzy Moon pumps Black Rebel Motorcycle Club full of happy pills and pushes it down a hill, strapped to a go-kart. Mr. Pascoe may want to be Nowhere Man with balls but could be this EP's Octopus' Garden. And her majesty's a very nice girl during Struggling In The Sand, before a back-room skiffle-stomp with the Kinks kicks off. In summary? Breezes.


1. Robin You Lie
2. Fizzy Moon
3. Mr. Pascoe
4. Struggling In The Sand

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