Saturday, 2 January 2010

Review - The Flying Eyes - The Flying Eyes

The Flying Eyes - The Flying Eyes

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7 out of 10

Ladies and gentlemen - from Los Angeles, California - the Doors! Or, fom Baltimore, Maryland - the Flying Eyes! You get the idea. Musically trippy, with a Morrison-reborn vocalist who should be congratulated for sticking with an original band and not 'going tribute' to coin it off the counterfeit-this or bootleg-that rubbish desperate nostalgics seem to crave, still. The band are favoured by a certain Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and it shouldn't take you long to realise why; Hendrix jams with Steppenwolf on guitars through grooves that Jon Spencer wouldn't throw away. The final track is an oddity - a Dylan-esque psychedelic drawl - but the rest should float your boat and shake your tail feather.


1. Lay With Me
2. Better Things
3. Bad Blood
4. Don't Point Your God At Me
5. She Comes To Me
6. We Are Not Alive
7. Red Sheets
8. Around the Bend
9. Winter
10. King of Nowhere

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