Sunday, 10 January 2010

Review - Moloken - Our Astral Circle

Moloken - Our Astral Circle

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7 out of 10

The lumbering, progressive minded, lead heavy genre known as "man-rock" is where Sweden's Moloken reside. There was a time when this was something new, something fresh and original. Nowadays there are enough bands doing the hugely heavy metal with progressive elements. Mastodon has a lot to answer for.

Moloken happily side step this hurdle by laying the weight of their compositions on with an extra layer of tar. Pushing the melody behind a filthy, distorted wall of aggression and bile while still allowing moments of unsettling calm to poke through.

I will admit it is nothing new and certain parts remind me of Cult of Luna and Nights Like These but Moloken demonstrate skill and surprising agility within the confines of the genre. A good sign post to whatever they do next.


1. Molten Pantheon
2. Untitled I
3. Die Fear Will
5. Eboriement
6. Untitled II
7. My Enemy
8. Untitled III
9. 11"12"

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Dikotom said...

Thanks for the kind review, but I honestly can't see much Cult of Luna in Moloken.