Friday, 30 May 2008

News - It Never Ends...

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Endwell have continued the drama and posted ANOTHER blog about the situation of them getting kicked off The Mosh Lives Tour after their initial statement ( and then Emmure’s retaliation ( "so we tried to keep this as impersonal as possible due to the fact that emmure were at one time good friends of ours. but apparently that is no longer the case. a) when we signed to victory we were actually on tour with emmure, and yes of course we were beyond excited to be signed as any band would be. from day ONE we pushed emmure to the victory staff as much as we could. giving staff members cd’s and shirts and hyping them up....because that’s what friends do. when we were told we were going into the studio in 4 weeks we handed emmure a FULLY booked US tour w/ Farewell To Freeway that our old bass player had booked himself(due to the fact that we had recording obligations) every chance we got we would try to help get their name out there...whether it mean wearing their shirts in promos or talking about them in interviews at one point we were even considered ’brother-bands’ b) in response to emmure’s statements about our Hollywood recording budget.: we didn’t get a say in the matter, the studio time was booked and the director was chosen for us.bottom line. we were immediately disgusted by the budget and the outcome and because of that we made it a point to record our next release on a much smaller budget in fact it was 1/40th of the victory budget! we started recording it with no labels in mind and we had our friends Bryan Goldsman and Aram Abgharian record and mix it for us...we figured we could do things right and be able to help out some up and coming engineer/producers/friends...and we’re very happy with the outcome. Once we recorded it we decided to work with a smaller label that has integrity and passion for music and even a some compassion for human beings as well. c) as for shit talking: i think emmure did enough of that in their statement which began "Let me first start by saying we as a band have been friends with these guys for a while so this is in no way partial to one side or another" and then proceeded to bash us for 5 paragraphs. i think its obvious that someone was influencing their words. we don’t have to sit here and ’tarnish’ anything facts speak for themselves I think its apparent whose true colors are shining through in this situation. theres nothing else to say. this whole situation sucks, when we left the tour it was all hugs and friendly goodbyes the best way to put it is in the words of John Joseph, "musicians are just assholes waiting to happen""

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