Friday, 30 April 2010

News - The Parlotones - Stardust Galaxies

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The Parlotones will release new album "Stardust Galaxies" in July through Sovereign Entertainment. The band are currently on tour of the UK with Ash.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Review - The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal

The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal

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6 out of 10

Your enjoyment of The Scottish Enlightenment hinges on the band's voice, one David Moyes and his dour philosophical musings set to Pavement-style dirge and lilt. There are some lovely guitar lines, like sunshine breaking momentarily through cloud. So far, so Scottish. 'Downbeat' doesn't really begin to cover it, though - this is Arab Strap without the violence, despite . . .A Bit Harder's understated menace. All Homemade Things brings back some watery sunshine, before To The Dogs. . well, the title says it all, really.


1. Pascal
2. If You Would Just Try A Bit Harder
3. Riverbed
4. All Homemade Things
5. To The Dogs

Review - Ventura feat. David Yow - It’s Raining On One Of My Islands (Single)

Ventura feat. David Yow - It’s Raining On One Of My Islands (Single)

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7 out of 10

Swiss post-punk, with the voice of the Jesus Lizard. Got to be good, right? Well, yes and no. Yow continues to dazzle and infuriate in equal measure. The trio backing him thunder it up big style. Neither track hangs around long - It's Raining. . . is over four and a half minutes but seems shorter, somehow. Tectonic bass riffs beneath schizophrenic guitars and a Shellac drum-punch, before Yow starts to yowl about haematologists, burning houses and a city of ashes. Le Petit Chaperon Beige belies its winsome title by beating the listener about the head with what sounds like Yow struggling to get out of bed, hallucinating like a bastard. There's plenty of death in the old dog, yet.


1. It's Raining On One Of My Islands
2. Le Petit Chaperon Beige

Review - Bersarin Quartett - Bersarin Quartett

Bersarin Quartett - Bersarin Quartett

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9 out of 10

This eponymous album is described as; "11 tracks for 11 movies that have yet to be shot." Quiet yet sumptuous orchestral pieces that bring to mind soft cinematic efforts as opposed to John Williams (You know all those awesome 80’s film themes that you love, yeah, he wrote those) grandness.

Despite the minimal, IDM nature of the majority of tracks on this record, it still has the large layered feel of a classical orchestral piece, as if Beethoven’s Pastoral suites had been set at the end of the world.

Inversion just aches of wide panning shots over a post apocalyptic wasteland, St. Petersburg, the sad longing of someone lost alone in a strange city, then Und Die Welt Steht Still (& The World Stood still) could easily soundtrack the morning someone wakes up to discover everyone but themselves has gone, with its slow rising panic & sparse build up of one simple note, underscored by subtly changing strings. The urgency creeps up on you like the slow dawning realisation you are the only one left.

Each of the 11 tracks, truly are evocative of a moment in film, but my one criticism is that it is 11 different films, I would have loved to have felt a sense of narrative, not just through each track, but running through the whole album.

This tiny bit of lacking is more than made up for by the thoughtful use of instrumentation; it’s incredibly impressive to build such atmosphere with so few notes. The simplicity merely enhances the atmosphere of each piece.

A little while ago I was looking for the perfect music to listen to whilst reading Cormack McCarthy’s "The Road"; I honestly couldn’t find anything that was quite right. However, if I had to sum this record up in one sentence, that’s how I’d describe it: The perfect album to listen to whilst reading "The Road".


1. Oktober
2. Geschicten von Interesse
3. Inversion
4. St. Petersburg
5. Und Die Welt Steht Still
6. Die Dinge sind nie so wie sie sind
7. Nachtblind
8. Es kann nicht ewig Winter sein
9. Endlich am Ziel
10. Mehr als alles andere
11. Was Uns Bleibt

Review - Black Sabbath - Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)

Black Sabbath - Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)

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8 out of 10

Everyone raves about Heaven and Hell (the album), not least Heaven and Hell (the band). The recent 'deluxification' of that classic was something of a disappointment - something that has, thankfully, been rectified with this release. Mob Rules was a nigh-on perfect melding of Sabbath's original proto-metal sounds with Ronnie James Dio's elvish lyrics and RAWK vocals, which suffered from a rather feeble final mix (certainly on CD). This reissue makes good on that. We're back to one of those albums for which no stereo is loud enough - one of the signs of greatness, in my opinion.

Disc two's live recording, while an interesting document of the band at the time, suffers in a similar way to the recent reissue of Live Evil. Dio never seems fully comfortable with the old classics and falls back on his rock-frontman ad-libs too often for my liking. He does make a good go at an English accent, though, saying 'ta' in-between a few numbers and gets a good sing-along going towards the end. No, it's disc one you'll be wanting, so go on - make the sign.


Disc One

1. Turn Up The Night
2. Voodoo
3. The Sign of the Southern Cross
4. E5150
5. The Mob Rules
6. Country Girl
7. Slipping Away
8. Falling Off The Edge of the World
9. Over & Over
10. Die Young (live)
11. The Mob Rules (alternative version)

Disc Two (Live at Hammersmith Odeon)

1. E5150
2. Neon Knights
3. N.I.B.
4. Children of the Sea
5. Country Girl
6. Black Sabbath
7. War Pigs
8. Slipping Away
9. Iron Man
10. The Mob Rules
11. Heaven & Hell
12. Paranoid
13. Children of the Grave

Review - Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

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6 out of 10

Having heard the 'Fogg and his band sessionating for Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music the other evening, I can happily report that the tuneage recorded herein sounds much better live. I'm not reviewing their radio session, though, so I'm free to say that this obsession with Coldplay and their clone army HAS TO STOP, kids. Really. There's even a song on here called Bloodrush, for Apple's sake. I can't stand any more of this breathy, oh-so-emotive, pseudo-falsetto singing. And the fact that it's accompanied by music played on a top-of-the-range Casiotone does not make things better. No.

That said, it's pleasant enough. Girlfriends will love it, obviously, especially now the weather's improving a bit. They can sit outside cafes in the sun with it on their iPods and have a bit of a waft. Boys may feel their teeth begin to grate, after a while.


1. A Second Look
2. Moving Parts
3. Bloodrush
4. Stung
5. Quicksand
6. I Will Let You Down
7. Step Into The Page
8. Keep Your Teeth Sharp
9. My Bones Creak
10. Seciov
11. Answerphone

Review - Anonymous Tip - The Weirder Brave (Single)

Anonymous Tip - The Weirder Brave (Single)

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1 out of 10

Firstly I thought this was just one of those 90’s style punk records where they confuse ’Anthemic’ for ’Repetitive Shouting’ then the terrible screamo vocals came in & I felt embarrassed. I’m not sure who for, but it made me feel shame.

I’m sure they have powerful socio-political lyrics, but it was so badly recorded (I could do better with my mobile phone & Garage Band) I couldn’t make anything out.

It is no mean feat to be both boring & awful at the same time but Anonymous Tip have managed it.


1. The Weirder Brave

Review - Jackie Leven - Gothic Road

Jackie Leven - Gothic Road

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8 out of 10

Once again the singularly prolific voice of Fife's wayward son makes it to a rotating disc somewhere, his first since the Haunted Year re-issues during 2009. And what dark joy it is, with sparkling collaborations; co-producer David Wrench on the hauntingly beautiful Island, the stunning chorus that is Ghost Voices of the Kursk on the title track and folk colossus Ralph McTell on Cornelius Whalen.

Cut through with Leven's customary dry humour - although without his infamous anecdotes (best see the man live for those) - Gothic Road sways through a variety of subjects and a variety of styles, from Country swagger about feeling up Patsy Cline in a church (Absolutely Joan Crawford. . .), through lazy James Taylor-ish Folk (Song For Bass Guitar and Death) to drum machine-driven hilarity about celebrity status in Germany (Hotel Mini Bar). If you've not travelled with Jackie before, I suggest you begin your journey here.


1. Gothic Road
2. Last of the Badmen
3. John Paul Getty's Silver Cadillac
4. Cornelius Whalen
5. Song For Bass Guitar and Death
6. New Wreath
7. Absolutely Joan Crawford (With A Bit of Tilda Swinton On The Side)
8. My Lost Blonde
9. In A Shivering Blaze
10. Hotel Mini Bar
11. Shadow of a Man
12. Island

Review - Raising Sand - All Out War

Raising Sand - All Out War

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6 out of 10

Can you imagine ZZ Top jamming with AC/DC fronted by Susie Quatro, the lady from Heart and even PJ Harvey? That’s what Raising Sand sound like. They make ROCK. Yes all in capitals ROCK. In its simplest 3-chord-fast-paced-form ROCK.

It’s all very fine, well and really listenable, but ultimately you could go and see any small pub covers band anywhere in the country & get a similar effect (except you’d know all the words to all the songs & have time to go to the bar when they tried to cover a modern pop song).

Having said that, the vocals are outstanding, the pace relentless and I can imagine the live show being a sweaty, fun sight to behold, but in the quest for straight forward they’ve done nothing new.

With a band fronted by such a powerhouse of a vocalist, maybe I just expect a little more.


1. Alchemy
2. Dirty Weekend
3. All Out War
4. Witness
5. Shake Your Love
6. Spirit
7. Burn It Up
8. One More Time
9. That’s What They Say
10. Unexpected Legacy

Review - Mouse On The Keys - An Anxious Object

Mouse On The Keys - An Anxious Object

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7 out of 10

Anyone taking the time to investigate this Tokyo trio's debut EP Sezession earlier this year should be more than ready for this, the band's first long-player. And it's more high-quality Jazz stretching, pulling in everything from traditional Japanese airs one minute to crashing piano riffage the next (Forgotten Children), like the soundtrack to a particularly funky Miyazaki film - probably involving mice.

And not only is it Jazz but also a concept album, representing Tokyo. So, by rights, it should be the most turgid, pretentious drivel ever committed to plastic since the last stage school goonfest scored itself an advance off the back of their tutor once being mates with Pat Metheny. Or something. But it isn't - it's crisp, lively, uplifting, complex yet intriguing. Check out Double Bind, for a start. Then sit back and enjoy the ride.


1. Completed Nihilism
2. Spectres de Mouse
3. Seiren
4. Dirty Realism
5. Forgotten Children
6. Unflexible Grids
7. Double Bind
8. Soil
9. Ouroboros

Review - Kyoto Drive - This Is All We Ever Wanted

Kyoto Drive - This Is All We Ever Wanted

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7 out of 10

It's over a year since I reviewed Kyoto Drive's EP and in that time the Birmingham boys have been working on their debut full length This is All We Ever Wanted. I gave their EP some high praise so expectations were high when I sat down to listen to their new album.

What is clear early on in the album is the maturity that the band has gained since their Spotlights and Stars EP, though this doesn't immediately translate to creating great songs. The album starts in a relatively underwhelming fashion, with the second track I'd Give It All sounding too much like a poor man's Yellowcard song to have much lasting appeal. It takes a re-recording (and renaming) of a track of their EP to spark the album to life. Make Up Doesn't Cover Everything is a proper pop-rock song and it deserves its place on the album. Perhaps its most important facet though is that it seems to kick the album into the next gear. The next three songs are as good as any you will hear on a UK rock album this year.

Are You Taking Me Apart To See Me Insides? starts the 'trifecta of joy' (TM) with an anthemic sing-a-long treat, the type of which could become Kyoto Drive's calling card. The song then seamlessly segues into It's Not About Revenge, Don't Make It Personal, showing that Kyoto Drive can turn the distortion up a bit more if they want to. Here the similarities between Kyoto Drive and The Early November and Spitalfield come to the fore, but by the time you have noticed that they switch their style again with the Moneen-esque Make This Alright.

However, the frustrating thing about this album is the low quality of the production. The guitars get blended together and the drums sound like they were recorded about 30 years ago. Someone needs to give these boys a chance to record with a decent engineer and when I think what someone like Mark Trombino or Mike Sapone could do with this band; it only serves to highlight just how talented I think this band is, and how big they could be.

But we have to live in the present and for now Kyoto Drive have to be content with putting out a fantastic album, which I'm sure will be pretty easy for them to do. I told people to watch out for Kyoto Drive over a year ago, now I think it will only be a matter of time before they take the next step and start getting the recognition that they, and this album deserves.


1. Transitions
2. I'd Give It All
3. Make Up Doesn't Cover Everything
4. Are You Taking Me Apart To See Me Insides?
5. It's Not About Revenge, Don't Make It Personal
6. Make This Alright
7. Notes From Look Out Point
8. Fighting Talk
9. Hold Your Head High
10. Waiting

Review - The Glitterati - Are You One Of Us?

The Glitterati - Are You One Of Us?

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6 out of 10

Right from the start (pun intended) The Glitterati punch your ears with their brand glam rock punk pop. Also, prevalent are their apparent influences of The Wildhearts and quite possibly Guns n’ Roses. But this is not just high octane rock n roll, there are some incredibly layered sounds in each song and the production quality is superb.

However, I’m not all praise for this album; the lyrical content on many of the tracks leaves a lot to be desired. A lot appears clichéd and overly repetitive, this couldn’t be more exemplified than but the first single to come from this album Fight Fight Fight. This track also contains another of the down sides to their songs, and that is vocalist Paul Gautrey’s blood curdling scream, which is just horrible to listen to. Stand out tracks such as slow number Shanty and Keeping Me Down would have benefited from the omission of the scream.

That said, the lyrics aren’t all bad, many slip into your head in an insidious way that you find yourself humming them for days. This can be especially said about one of the best songs on the album and second single to be released Overnight Superstar. This is a savagely sardonic attack on the music industry and those X-Factor types that seem to litter charts these days.


1. Right From The Start
2. Fucks Me Up
3. Can’t Say No
4. Fight Fight Fight
5. Too Many Girls
6. Your Idea
7. Overnight Superstar
8. You Can Be So Cruel
9. Shanty
10. Keeping Me Down
11. Cashcow
12. Lola It’s Over

Review - Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (Deluxe Edition)

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (Deluxe Edition)

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7 out of 10

Now, look. There is absolutely no point - NONE, do you hear me? - in comparing the original Sabbath line-up with this one. That way lays unnecessary teeth-gnashing and garden gnome trashing (unless you genuinely prefer songs about knights and dragons to ones about nihilism and dope, of course). Let us, therefore, treat them as two different bands from the outset and judge the inevitable re-release of the Dio-era recordings on their own terms.

While not a total ball-grabber, Heaven and Hell is rightly seen as a classic. The title track still chills the spine, with Children of the Sea and Die Young close behind it on the neck-tickling front. There are no massive surprises with any re-mastering - nothing leaps out of the speakers, like a previously-unseen sonic imp, to arrest the listener. It's a serviceable, modern production, fair enough. Disc two contains a small reminder of the line-up in concert and a big reminder of how much this line-up was all about Ronnie James. The man truly is 'all lungs' and in the cuts from the Hartford show he shows himself to be perfectly capable of filling a stadium with not only sound but his personality, as well.

So, a great album, an adequate reissue job. Mount Snowdon, perhaps, rather than Everest.


Disc 1

1. Neon Knights
2. Children of the Sea
3. Lady Evil
4. Heaven and Hell
5. Wishing Well
6. Die Young
7. Walk Away
8. Lonely Is The Word

Disc 2

1. Children Of The Sea (live)
2. Heaven and Hell (live)
3. Lady Evil (mono edit)
4. Neon Knights (live, Hartford CN, USA 1980)
5. Children of the Sea (live, Hartford CN, USA 1980)
6. Heaven and Hell (live, Hartford CN, USA 1980)
7. Die Young (live, Hartford CN, USA 1980)

Review - Rob Himself - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Rob Himself - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

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7 out of 10

This album starts off with a strain from the popular children’s party song, which is the only relevance I can see, as to why the album is called Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Then the first actual song Little Wooden Boat kicks in with a great guitar hook, but I can’t help feeling I’ve heard this guitar line before. Then I realise, the three notes are identical to the Radiohead track Sulk from The Bends, which makes you wonder what you’ll get from the rest of this album.

Well no need to worry, as this anomaly is my only major criticism, as almost every song has a great singalongabilty factor. Each track has a story to tell and it's done with such a marvellous lyrical ingenuity, they’re thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. Another comment is that this album is very eclectic. From awesome guitar riffs of Husband Material, the next track is the haunting A Nightingale Sang In Albert Square and then you’re into the rip roaring Sorry Mr Prescott, which is about politicians ongoing assault on the UK’s greenbelt.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable album and well worth a listen to. It’s especially impressive when you consider that Rob financed this release all by himself.


1. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
2. Little Wooden Boat
3. The Eagle Has Landed
4. Husband Material
5. A Nightingale Sang In Albert Square
6. Sorry Mr Prescott
7. Trouble & Strife
8. Asleep At The Wheel
9. Women & Children First
10. Three Is A Crowd
11. Over My Dead Body

Review - Graffiti6 - Stone In My Heart

Graffiti6 - Stone In My Heart

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7 out of 10

Graffiti6 is the man who produced Right Said Fred doing a Gnarls Barkley with vocalist Jamie Scott and pretty good it sounds, too. This is no I'm Too Sexy tongue-in-arse cheek embarrassment. It's modern soul with a twenty-first century jolt. Foxes and Starlight are the stand-outs from an already-fine foursome, with their Funkadelic drive and Chic beats. Just try not to think of Sting when you hear the singing. That'll just spoil it.


1. Stone In My Heart
2. Stop Mary
3. Foxes
4. Starlight

Review - Dananananaykroyd - Sissy Hits

Dananananaykroyd - Sissy Hits

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8 out of 10

This EP is named after a line from the song 1993: 'we turn your hissy fits into sissy hits' and basically, that is Dananan's mission. Their sound is a little bit complex, the band themselves call it 'fight pop' if you felt like being more descriptive than the band, you'd say they were twee hardcore. Imagine Los Campesinos! covering Black Flag and you're most of the way there. Live, they sound and act more like a hardcore band than they do recorded.

On Sissy Hits, the breakdowns and hoarse screamed vocals take a backseat and although the songs remain the same structurally, there's greater emphasis on the handclaps and sung vocals. That's not to say that they're the type of band who can't recapture their live sound in the studio, they just play differently.

The last two tracks of this EP are actually the Pink Sabbath single, added at a later date. They're faster and slightly heavier songs than the others on the EP, but even their beefed up production doesn't change the fact that Dananan concentrate on the 'pop' in the studio and leave the 'fight' until they're on stage.


1. The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash
2. One After One
3. Cleaning Each Other
4. British Knights
5. 1993
6. Infinity Milk (Outro Version)
7. Pink Sabbath
8. Chrome Rainbow

Review - Lasse Brawn - Exacerbating Circumstances

Lasse Brawn - Exacerbating Circumstances

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6 out of 10

Some very interesting sounds and ideas are to be found within the 4 songs that make up this release by Leeds newcomers Lasse Brawn. It almost feels comfortable. Recalling elements of Fugazi, Nirvana, Presidents Of The United States and a whole heap of angular, wonky guitar goodness. Dual yelled/screamed vocals over the discordant racket finish it off pretty well. Maybe a bit to derivative of their influences at this early stage but a pleasant and enjoyable listen all the same.


1. Kim
2. Can't Understand Not Talking
3. Mary
4. Itch

Review - Spartak - Verona

Spartak - Verona

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6 out of 10

As an almost-completely improvised piece, Verona suffers a little from self-indulgence. At its best, it sends the glutinous guitars of Tortoise on walkabout (The Waves To The Rails). At worst, it farts about with percussion and delay to no great end (Pulled By Rope). Exit music needing a film, I feel.


1. Morning Prayer
2. The Waves To The Rails
3. Tweezer
4. Pulled By Rope
5. Sleepstalker
6. ---
7. Second Half Clouded
8. Tape Machine Dream

Review - The Majnoons - Mono Mono (Single)

The Majnoons - Mono Mono (Single)

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4 out of 10

A Welsh / New Zealand duo, then, the Majnoons, here vending a couple of slices of rather sluggish, lo-fi funk. Mono Mono could do with some Red Bull or something, anything, to shake it up and get its listeners to shake something other than their fists. Boudoir seems to attempt 'sexy' but only gets as far as 'creepy' - like Lee Perry if he was a spotty youth from Newport singing with a pinched nose. Good bassline, though.


1. Mono Mono
2. Boudoir

Review - Red Light, Green Light - Everything Has Gone Wrong

Red Light, Green Light - Everything Has Gone Wrong

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5 out of 10

Sitting down to write this review feels a bit like trying to write an obituary. Red Light, Green Light are now no more. So, for many Everything Has Gone Wrong will be the first, and last, that they hear of RLGL, that heaps the pressure on it to serve as a lasting legacy for the band.

RLGL serve up a mixture of hardcore, pop-punk, screamo all with a side of electronic. I suppose the closest thing to it that springs to mind is probably Enter Shikari though with more of an ear for the punk side of things. Album opener EAC23 is indicative of the rest of this mini-album, and if you like the first 20 seconds of it then you have found an album that you will treasure. If however, you the sort of person who prefers melody to chaos, and singing to screaming, then this album probably isn't for you.

Habit vs. Habitat is the album's strongest track, despite some weak lyrics, but the over-reliance on the synths, loops and electronics that dogs the whole album is just as prevalent here. The album would definitely have fared better without the constant synth in the background, though it could also be argued the album would have been better without all the screaming as well.

What I will say of RLGL is that this is a collection of songs that would undoubtedly sound much better live. The transference of these songs from stage to the studio has certainly limited their appeal somewhat, but as the band no longer functions, this is the only way people can now hear RLGL. Unfortunately for the band, this collection of songs will probably not win them too many fans, and it is a shame that they won't be able to do it themselves through their live show, but so it goes.


1. EAC23
2. She's a Carnivore
3. Almost Dead/Code Red
4. March II (Revolution)
5. Habit vs. Habitat
6. Everyone's Getting Arrested
7. Snaps Not Claps

Review - Black Sabbath - Live Evil (Deluxe Edition)

Black Sabbath - Live Evil (Deluxe Edition)

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7 out of 10

Why they didn't do a decent live release during the Ozzy era is beyond me. Anyway, what of this luxurious reworking of Mr. Dio's onstage contribution to the Sabbath sound? It has a Hollywood sheen to it, despite the thumping riffs and slough of old classics. Take N.I.B. - rather than ooze fuzzily, disturbingly, as the original does, this version swaggers. Yes, I know it's hard to believe that of Ronnie James but he is the consummate rock performer here - you're never more than a few minutes away from an extended 'Oh yeahhhh!!!!' or 'Oooooooooo!' ad-lib. Often where it's not necessary, such as during Black Sabbath. Purists can balk once again at his 'No! no! no! Yeahhhhh!' turning the once-genuinely scary piece of music into a Heavy Metal panto. I mean, laughing after the 'Satan's sitting there, he's smiling' line. I ask you. This is Sabbath, not bloody Aladdin.

I shall forgive him, however, because when he's on it, he's on it and, thankfully, that's most of the time. The constant 'Oh yeahhhh-ing' is just what I believe the Americans call his 'shtick', anyway. Children of the Sea, The Mob Rules, an epic Sign of the Southern Cross - his own material, basically. He's fine, there. Stick to what you know. Oh yeah.


1. E5150
2. Neon Knights
3. N.I.B.
4. Children of the Sea
5. Voodoo
6. Black Sabbath
7. War Pigs
8. Iron Man
9. The Mob Rules
10. Heaven and Hell
11. The Sign of the Southern Cross
12. Paranoid
13. Children of the Grave
14. Fluff

Review - The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood

The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood

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7 out of 10

At first listen, I wasn’t quite sure how to take this latest offering from Mr Hannon. It didn’t seem to have that same polished veneer of previous albums; it’s more like 2001's Regeneration, but then not at the same time. Given that it’s released on Divine Comedy Records, maybe some cost saving measures have had to be introduced?

Anyway, it’s a grower and the infectious singalongability of many tracks on the album are a sign that Neil hasn’t lost his song writing knack just yet. Stand out tracks are: The Complete Banker, a song about how the banks royally screwed us recently; At The Indie Disco, the first single, this pop number is a nostalgic jaunt back to the 90's; Assume The Perpendicular, about the joys of visiting country houses and I Like, a lovely song for those infatuated with their other half.

Other notable tracks are title track Bang Goes The Knighthood and Down in the Street Below, which is like two tracks stuck together, but not in a bad way. Some songs do feel like filler, such as Can You Stand Upon One Leg, which is a parody on songs you might find on albums for young children, I hope.

Overall, whilst this album probably isn't going to be a classic, it’s still a great listen.


1. Down In The Street Below
2. The Complete Below
3. Neapolitan Girl
4. Bang Goes The Knighthood
5. At the Indie Disco
6. Have You Ever Been in Love
7. Assume The Perpendicular
8. The Lost Art O$f Conversation
9. Island Life
10. When a Man Cries
11. Can You Stand On One Leg
12. I Like

Review - Metric - Fantasies

Metric - Fantasies

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6 out of 10

Fantasies is Metric’s fourth album and their first self-released. Musically, it’s not that great of a departure from Live It Out both albums are ten tracks of synth-driven indie pop.

With Fantasies, the first two tracks are typical Metric, but it’s on Satellite Mind that the band start experimenting, opening the track with what can only be described as Mega Drive keyboards, it’s a warm, fuzzy, almost analogue keyboard sound. On Gold Guns Girls, the Sega keys are back, and the track is propelled by Joules Scott-Key’s relentless drumbeat.

Overall though, Fantasies is a bit of a letdown. The fast, dirty sounding, rock numbers are really some of Metric’s most brilliant work, but to be honest, I prefer the previous Metric album Live It Out. This album places more emphasis on ballads and down tempo songs and concentrates less on the indie rock singles that make Metric one of the most memorable indie bands of recent years.

Fantasies is a good album, but it’s not a great leap away from the sound of Live It Out.


1. Help I’m Alive
2. Sick Muse
3. Satellite Mind
4. Twilight Galaxy
5. Gold Guns Girls
6. Gimme Sympathy
7. Collect Call
8. Front Row
9. Blindness
10. Stadium Love

Review - The Lights - January Blues (Single)

The Lights - January Blues (Single)

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4 out of 10

The good news that arrives with the blues, or January Blues rather is that this single by Birmingham based quintet The Lights has an inventive formula within, which means the chirpy hooks will stay with you long after the song has stopped.

Unfortunately, this is good news only to those who will enjoy this song. Pop-rock at best, the chorus, namely the title sung in syllables Jan-u-ary Blues demonstrating a singing scale that goes up to provide the part of the melody that really sticks with you like very super, superglue. Uplifting though it is, no defining parts in this song resemble the post-December sadness The Lights are singing about, it is only suggested by the lingering effects that haunt you after the song has finished playing, when The Lights could ideally be going out.into the world with a there B-side, Start Again offering a marginally better listen instead.


1. January Blues
2. Start Again

Review - March Of The Raptors - March Of The Raptors

March Of The Raptors - March Of The Raptors

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3 out of 10

The PR blurb goes to describe southern thrash merchants as a UK super group due to the members having done time in Mahumodo, Fireapple Red and some others. Maybe that's a bit of tenuous connection. Musically they don't sound like any of their previous bands except within the more melodic parts (which sound like Avenged Sevenfold cast offs).

"Perish In Flames" kicks of pretty nicely with some intense pot banging and shouting. Then the annoying melodic refrain comes in and it loses that power it built up. I know this is the style and current popular trend but when will people realise it kneecaps any momentum.

It's all played rather nicely and with a fair bit of determination. If melodic, thrashing metal is your thing then it may prick up your ears. Sadly I don't like this sort of second generation (or maybe third? Fourth?) stuff.


1. Perish In Flames
2. Grace Of God
3. All Hell Breaks loose
4. Days Of Last
5. Crestfallen
6. After The Last Nightmare
7. Unto Themselves
8. Perish In Flames (Radio Edit)

Review - I LIKE TRAINS - Sea Of Regrets (Single)

I LIKE TRAINS - Sea Of Regrets (Single)

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6 out of 10

Before you know it you are soon engulfed in sadness like the waves of the ocean which I Like Trains use for describing the depths of misgivings, in their Sea of Regrets. It's the lead single showing there's more to come from the Leeds four piece's forthcoming album and follow up to 2007's Elegies To Lessons Learnt. This offering is certainly a mood-setter with woe in full flow as the song creeps slowly with subtle guitars, strings and wispy sorrowful narration from David Martin. You can't help but plunge with the singer into a deep melancholy which lifts momentarily during the silence before the next track. Alas, the impending downer sets in further with the weight of second song, The Spark and there's no going back. Tissues anyone?


1. Sea of Regrets
2. The Spark

Review - Gliss - Devotion Implosion

Gliss - Devotion Implosion

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7 out of 10

As the searing guitars start on blistering album opener Morning Light, LA trio, Gliss wake you to command full attention, which wanes as you are swept up into their sound.

Devotion Implosion: not just the catchy rhyming title of their second album but perhaps also describing the inward destruction that ensues with devoting yourself to another when rosy times begin to fade and this collection of songs may just testify to that. When things are sweet with Gliss, they are very sweet from the racing 29 Acts of Love to the slow and slinking melodies of Sleep. When things are not so sweet, they are err, sweet still for even in Sad Eyes the chants of "ooh ooh's" bring forth images of pantomime rather than devotional destruction. With elements of shoegaze and moody rock and roll, particularly in The Patrol among others, Gliss hint at times to a mix of sounds from others such as Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and The Dandy Warhols to an extent, all brewing with brooding layered melodies and wandering vocals that faintly draw you further into Gliss' world.

Less implosion, more mild explosions and as each track progresses with the album nearing its end you're still wishing you could feel the force of that beginning song and waiting for more.


1. Morning Light
2. 29 Acts of Love
3. Sleep
4. Beauty
5. Anybody Inside
6. Lovers In The Bathroom
7. Sad Eyes
8. The Patrol
9. Love Songs
10. Sister Sister

Review - Exalt Cycle - Evasion Therapy

Exalt Cycle - Evasion Therapy

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3 out of 10

I was told to crank it up and hold on by the PR blurb that accompanies Italian metal mongs Exalt Cycle's mini album. Now I like metal, not modern metal, real metal. Exalt Cycle are modern metal. Ergo: I won't like it. Modern metal is for people who like Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium and the ilk. All the bands that the PR states fans will like. Well sadly I don't. It's played well, produced nice enough. All bright, treble heavy production with crystal clear clarity and enough bottom end to warrant having a bass player but it's still modern metal. It sounds forced and the melodic aspect really grates when it rears its ugly head. I would happily avoid anything like this in the future and I will.


1. Wring My Blood
2. Infected Mind
3. Made To Measure
4. Candles Light
5. The Species Fall

Review - Various - True Blood - Music from and inspired by the HBO Original Series

Various - True Blood - Music from and inspired by the HBO Original Series

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8 out of 10

"I want to do bad things to you" threatens Jack Everett in the inviting introductory track to this album, as if he is alluding to the blood, romance and violence of the renowned TV series, True Blood, but define "bad?". For those already sucked-in who are regularly tuning-in to see the mysterious and often debauched escapades of those dwelling in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the songs on this album sum up the atmosphere, appeal and scenes from the show. The show's heroine, Sookie Stackhouse finds her world growing all the more unreal with each plot turn, but the sounds on this album are most definitely real in an authentic accompaniment to the HBO programme in which they are all sung by Louisiana natives. There are also the nods at local scenery too, with Lucinda William's Lake Charles, as well as Swampblood a fiery number by Th' Legendary Shack Shakers.

The Cures' Just Like Heaven is turned into an almost unrecognisable ode due to the female vocals in a slow and soulful cover by The Watson Twins. But the show-stealing tune on the soundtrack is easily, Christine's Tune aka Devils In Disguise by the Flying Burrito Brothers, not only because you could imagine it being played while you sip liquor on the rocks and play spot the 'vamps' in Merlottes' bar (from the programme), but also because it's the most upbeat song of this collection despite the warnings in the lyrics. For those who have yet to be 'glamoured' by the show's vampires this offering would prove ideal listening for a late summer's evening in a good end to a baking afternoon with ample feet stamping to the album's last great high, Bones.


1. Bad Things - Jack Everett
2. Bleed to Feed - CC Adcock
3. Lake Charles - Lucinda Williams
4. Give It Up - Lee Dorsey
5. Swampblood - Th' Legendary Shack Shakers
6. Play With Fire - Cobra Verde
7. Just Like Heaven - The Watson Twins
8. Christine's Tune (aka Devil in Disguise) - The Flying Burrito Brother
9. Two - Ryan Adams
10. Strange Love - Slim Harpo
11. From A Whisper To A Wind - Allen Toussaint
12. I Don't Wanna Know - Dr John
13. The Golden State - John Doe ft. Kathleen Edwards
14. Bones - Little Big Town

News - Get Hooked On Sophie Delila

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Sophie Delila will release her debut album "Hooked" on the 31st of May through Mercury Records.

News - Run Toto Run New Single

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Run Toto Run will release new single "Hater" on the 31st of May.

Live dates:

9 May - The Big Noise (Big Issue Show) - SoundControl - Manchester
14 May - Future Everything Fest - Manchester
15 May - The Golden Lion - Ripon
18 May - Madame Jojos - London
21 May - Liverpool Sound City - Liverpool
23 May - Actress and Bishop - Birmingham
28 May - Port Mahon - Oxford
29 May - Lennon’s - Southampton
11 Jun - Nation of Shopkeepers - Leeds
23 Jul - Secret Garden Party - Cambridge
18 Sep - Southsea Fest - Portsmouth

News - Ed Harcourt: Lustre

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Ed Harcourt will release his new album "Lustre" on the 14th of June through the Piano Wolf label.

Live dates:

Tue 15th LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club
Wed 16th GLASGOW, King Tuts
Thu 17th MANCHESTER, Deaf Institute
Fri 18th LONDON, Wilton's Music Hall

News - Ahh Ahh It’s Tweak Bird

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Tweak Bird will release debut single "A Sun (Ahh Ahh)" as a limited edition 7" vinyl on the 10th of May through Souterrain Transmissions, it will be backed with unreleased B-side "Stampaedo".

Live dates in May:

12 London The Gaff
13 Brighton The Great Escape
21 London Stag & Dagger
22 Birmingham Capsule
23 London Brixton Windmill

News - Join The Sonic Syndicate Revolution

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Sonic Syndicate will release the first single "Revolution, Baby" off their upcoming album "We Rule The Night" on the 5th of May. The album will be released on the 30th of August.

Commented the band: "We wanted to write a song which has as much energy as our live shows. "Revolution, Baby!" will definitely make you bang your head and lose your self control! So - it's REVOLUTION, BABY!!!"

News - Enochian Theory Sign To Mascot Records

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Enochian Theory have signed a multi album deal with Mascot Records. The band’s new album "Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio" will be released in September.

News - Hot Tub Time Machine Soundtrack

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Submitted: "Hot Tub Time Machine follows a group of friends who've become bored with their adult lives: Adam (John Cusack) has been dumped by his girlfriend; Lou (Rob Corddry) is a party guy who can't find the party; Nick's (Craig Robinson) wife controls his every move; and video game-obsessed Jacob (Clark Duke) won't leave his basement. After a crazy night of drinking in a ski resort hot tub, the men wake up heads' pounding, in the year 1986. This is their chance to kick some past and change their futures - one will find a new love life, one will learn to stand up for himself with the ladies, one will find his mojo, and one will make sure he still exists!

The soundtrack boasts a collection of decade spanning tracks from acts such as INXS, Bowie, Salt ’N Pepa and New Order, with bonus tracks performed by Craig Robinson as featured in the film.

Track Listing:

1. Public Enemy - Louder Than A Bomb (Back Into Time)
2. Scritti Politti - Perfect Way
3. Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
4. INXS - What You Need
5. David Bowie - Modern Love
6. The Replacements - I Will Dare
7. Salt 'N Pepa - Push It
8. Echo and the Bunnymen - Bring On The Dancing Horses
9. The Beat - Save It For Later
10. Spandau Ballet - True
11. Craig Robinson - Jessie's Girl (From the movie - originally performed by Rick Springfield)
12. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
13. Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
14. Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home
15. Craig Robinson - Let's Get It Started (From the movie - originally performed by Black Eyed Peas)"

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

News - Iced Earth Signs To Century Media Records

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Iced Earth have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. The label will also release Iced Earth brainchild, Jon Schaffer's Sons Of Liberty project.

Antje Lange, managing director of Century Media Records Europe, comments: "We are extremely happy and proud to welcome Jon Schaffer and his bands SONS OF LIBERTY and ICED EARTH back on the label. Schaffer is one of the most talented and charismatic musicians in metal and it is an honor for us as a label to work with him. Despite an already very successful past, we feel that an even bigger success is in the cards for the future."

Schaffer further states: "I am excited about the opportunity to work on SONS OF LIBERTY and ICED EARTH with Century Media. This was the label where my career began and there are many memories, some of them great, some of them not. However, we all grew up and are able to see eye to eye on the mission ahead: making sure my creativity gets the best possible outlet. I am much looking forward to this team delivering the goods and releasing some killer music."

News - Ever The Dreamer, Thomas Truax

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Thomas Truax’s new album "Sonic Dreamer" will be released on the 7th of June through SL Records.

Live dates:

6 May, Thurs: Preston, HED at The Continental
7 May, Fri: Hull, Adelphi
9 May, Sun: Stockton, Waiting Room
10 May, Mon: Aberdeen, Tunnels
12 May, Wed: Inverness, Market Bar
14 May, Fri: Glasgow, 13th Note
15 May, Sat: Edinburgh, SL Records show - The Roxy Rooms
16 May, Sun: Newcastle, Cumberland Arms
23 May, Sun: London, Monthly Residency ’Full Moon Sunday’ at the Spice Of Life, W1D 5NA
28 May, Fri: Derby, Bar One - fundraiser for Macmillan (Cancer Support)
29 May, Sat: Oxford, Jericho Tavern
30 May, Sun: Manchester, Hungry Pigeon Festival (venue TBC)

News - Witchery; The Metal Supergroup

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Witchery (featuring members of The Haunted, Séance, Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Opeth and Bloodbath) will release their new album "Witchkrieg" on the 21st of June through Century Media Records.

News - You Might Like The Like...

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The Like will release new single "He’s Not A Boy" on the 31st of May through Downtown / Polydor. The track is taken from their new album "Release Me" which was produced by Mark Ronson and is set to be released this summer.

Live dates:

30th April Club NME, Koko London
1st May Camden Crawl London
1st May Proud Galleries London
2nd May Notting Hill Arts Club London
4th May Pure Groove In Store London
5th May The Old Blue Last London

News - Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes

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On the 31st of May Infectious Records will release "Pop Crimes" the album from Rowland S. Howard a founding member of The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party (with Nick Cave) who sadly passed away on the 30th of December 2009 of liver failure.

News - Biffy Clyro - Arena Tour Announced

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Biffy Clyro have announced an arena tour for November / December.


25th - Aberdeen, AECC
26th - Glasgow, SECC
29th - Hull, Arena
30th - Nottingham, Arena


1st - Plymouth, Pavilions
3rd - Manchester, Central
4th - London, Wembley Arena

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday April 30th and are priced at £22.50 for London and £20 for all regional dates.

Review - Scroobius Pip - Poetry in (e)motion

Scroobius Pip - Poetry in (e)motion

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8 out of 10

Scroobius Pip did a very good job of impressing me along With his pal ’Dan le Sac’ at Reading Festival a couple of years ago so when I learned he had written a book, I was keen to get hold of it and have a good ’ole read.

What we have here is a very impressive insight into the world of Mr. Pip. He commissioned his fans to come up with the art for this illustrated novel and the results have worked very well. Handling many issues of growing up with eloquence and wit, Scroobius is a talented poet and lyricist. Many of the poems contained within can be found in his music with the aforementioned Dan le Sac and I found the little insights into the origins of his work a nice little addition to the book. I think If you’re a fan of hip hop, modern poetry and art, this has to be a book you read soon.

A refreshing break from the norm.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

News - All Time Low: Straight To DVD

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All Time Low willl release a new CD/DVD pakage called "Straight to DVD" on the 25th of May through Hopeless Records.

Deluxe Limited Edition: 1 CD, 2 DVDs in a 8" wide x 5.5" tall 32 page page hardcover book.

Deluxe Edition Includes:
- 1 CD containing the full audio of the NYC show
- 1 DVD containing a blend of Documentary and Live NYC show, the Full Live Show Video, Outtakes
- 1 bonus DVD containing the Director’s Cut Documentary, Super Long Outtakes, The Trailer, Lost In Stereo (Montage Video), Weightless (Montage Video)
- Large Movie Poster
- Tour Laminate
- The names of the All Time Low fan club members printed in the booklet! (Members before March 2010)

CD Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Lost In Stereo
3. Stella
4. Break Your Little Heart
5. Six Feet Under The Stars
6. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
7. Jasey Rae
8. Poppin’ Champagne
9. Remembering Sunday
10. Therapy
11. Coffee Shop Soundtrack
12. Weightless
13. Too Much
14. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
15. Dear Maria, Count Me In

Regular version: 1 CD & 1 DVD
Standard Edition Includes:
- 1 CD containing the full audio of the NYC show
- 1 DVD containing a blend of Documentary and Live NYC show, the Full Live Show Video, Outtakes
- The names of the All Time Low fan club members printed in the booklet! (Members before March 2010)

CD Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Lost In Stereo
3. Stella
4. Break Your Little Heart
5. Six Feet Under The Stars
6. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
7. Jasey Rae
8. Poppin’ Champagne
9. Remembering Sunday
10. Therapy
11. Coffee Shop Soundtrack
12. Weightless
13. Too Much
14. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
15. Dear Maria, Count Me In

Pre-orders up here:

News - You Me At Six Announce December UK Tour

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You Me At Six have announced a December UK tour:

5th EDINBURGH, Corn Exchange
10th DONCASTER, Dome
12th MANCHESTER, Apollo
16th LONDON, Hammersmith Apollo

News - They Look All Ganglians-y

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Ganglians live dates coming up:

18 - London - Cargo
19 - Newcastle - Head Of Steam
20 - Liverpool - Sound City Fesival - Bumper
21 - Ireland - Dublin - Whelans (upstairs)
22 - Belfast - Menagerie
23 - Glasgow - Captains Rest
24 - Manchester - Deaf Institute
25 - Cambridge - Portland Arms

25 - Nottingham - Bodega Social Club
26 - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
27 - London - Barden’s Boudoir

News - The Violet May Debut Single

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The Violet May will release their debut single, "Bright or Better / This Crowd Is Overcrowded" on the 24th of May through Oh! Inverted World Records.

Live dates:

28 April / London / Notting Hill Arts Club (Death Disco)
7 May / Liverpool / Greasy Lips
8 May / Sheffield / The Stockroom
15 May / Derbyshire / Bearded Theory Festival
22 May / Sheffield / Penelopes
28 May / Rotherham / Dickins
12 June / Sheffield / The Stockroom
18 June / Darlington / Seen
23 June / London / Notting Hill Arts Club (Death Disco)
24 June / Anglia / Secret Garden Party
8-9 August / Standon Calling Festival
27-29 August / Leeds Festival

News - Eliza Doolittle Supports Jamie Cullum

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Eliza Doolittle will be supporting Jamie Cullum this May on his UK tour:

7-May-10 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
8-May-10 Edinburgh Usher Hall
9-May-10 Dublin Olympia
11-May-10 Newcastle City Hall
12-May-10 Ipswich Regent
13-May-10 Birmingham Symphony Hall
14-May-10 Liverpool Philharmonic
16-May-10 London Palladium

The debut album from Eliza Doolittle will be released this summer.

News - Ten City Nation Coming At You!

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Ten City Nation live dates coming up:

Thursday 29th April - BBC Introducing Live Radio Session - on air 7pm -
Friday 30th April - Ipswich Steamboat with The Waxing Captors and Kunk
Sunday 2nd May - Foxfest - London Lewisham Fox - onstage 1.30pm
Thursday 6th May - City Showcase - London 229 with Officer Kicks, Panama Kings and The Nacional
Saturday 8th May - Cambridge Corner House with The Shills
Saturday 15th May - Norwich Marquee with Abdoujaparov
Sunday 30th May - London Inn on the Green
Wednesday 16th June - London Camden Head with Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons
Friday 9th July - London 12 Bar Club with Popular Workshop, Stagecoach, William and Dexy
Saturday 17th July - Cambridge Portland Arms with The Shills and William
Saturday 31st July - BBC Introducing Stage - Hachfest, Hacheston, Suffolk
Saturday 7th August - Fordhamfest (Main Stage)
Saturday 4th September - Weyfest (headlining the Village Green Stage)

News - The Little Million - Bring Out The Blues

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The Little Million will release their new single "Bring Out The Blues" on the 7th of June and their debut album "Satellite" will follow a week later on the 14th of June.

News - Young Guns Kick Off Their Headline UK Tour

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Young Guns kick off their UK headline tour this week, in the build up to the release of their debut album "All Our Kings Are Dead" which is due out on the 12th of July and the release of the album’s first single "Sons Of Apathy" on the 31st of May.

A full list of live dates is below:


28: MANCHESTER Roadhouse
29: GLASGOW King Tuts
30: NOTTINGHAM Rock City Basement


01: CARDIFF Clwb Ifor Bach (Matinee)
02: YEOVIL Orange Box
04: BRISTOL Academy 2
05: BIRMINGHAM The Flapper
06: LONDON Barfly
07: SWINDON Furnace
08: PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms
12: WREXHAM Central Station (Rebellion U18 Club Night)
14: BRIGHTON, Revenge (The Great Escape - 18+)
15: BRIGHTON, Komedia (The Great Escape - 14+)
21: LIVERPOOL, Masque (w/ The Blackout / Liverpool Sound City)
29: LEEDS University (Slam Dunk Festival North)
30: HATFIELD University (Slam Dunk Festival South)


13: DONINGTON Park (Download Festival)


13: OXFORD o2 Academy 2
14: READING Face Bar
15: NORTHAMPTON Roadmender
16: LONDON Relentless Garage
17: GUILDFORD Guilfest
22: LUTON, University
23: MILTON KEYNES Crawford Arms
24: SALISBURY, City Hall (Takedown Festival)


08: HEVY Festival
27: READING Festival
29: LEEDS Festival

News - Fancy A Party With A Horse?

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Party Horse’s first single "Lazer Beam" will be released on the 8th of May released through their own Dynatron label.

Live dates:

29th April, Cooler, Bristol
30th April, Cargo, London
1st May, Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

News - Introducing Ben’s Brother

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Ben’s Brother (aka Jamie Hartman) will release new EP "Glow" on the 3rd of May through Flat Cap Records.

Track Listing:

1. What If I?
2. Glow
3. Be Yourself
4. Straight Lines
5. Sanctuary
6. Love

Saturday, 24 April 2010

News - Grails New EP & Tour Dates

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Grails have the following European tour dates set for May:

May 4 | Utrecht - NL | Tivoli
May 5 | Leuven - BE | Stuk
May 6 | Leipzig - DE | UT Connewitz
May 7 | Prague - CZ | Klub 007
May 8 | Berlin - DE | Friction Festival
May 9 | Athens - GR | Sfentona Club
May 11 | London - UK | The Luminaire w/ Philip Jeck
May 12 | Birmingham - UK | Hare and Hounds
May 13 | Manchester - UK | Ruby Lounge w/ Rose Kemp
May 14 | Glasgow - UK | Nice N Sleazys w/ Rose Kemp
May 16 | Minehead - UK | ATP

They will be supporting the release of "Black Tar Prophecies 4" on vinyl through Important Records.

Volume 5 of the Black Tar series will follow in autumn of 2010, and a new full length album (for the Temporary Residence label) is scheduled for early 2011.

News - Trash Talk - Announce Last Minute London Show

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Submitted: "Trash Talk missed their flights back to the US this week due to the volcanic activity in Iceland. The band was supposed to begin the Alexisonfire US tour today.

Not one's to sit still and twiddle their thumbs they have announced an intimate show at London's famous Old Blue Last this Sunday 25th.

They have just finished a European/UK tour with Rolo Tomassi where they have been (literally) destroying venues across the whole of the continent. Be sure not to miss their final UK show until the summer, it's going to be a wild one!

Support comes from Sharks and The James Cleaver Quintet. Doors at 8:00pm

Buy tickets from"

Thursday, 22 April 2010

News - Fly Little Tweak Bird, Fly!

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Tweak Bird are touring the UK in May in support of their debut EP "Reservations":

12 London The Gaff
13 Brighton The Great Escape
21 London Stag & Dagger
22 Birmingham Capsule
23 London Brixton Windmill

News - Arch Enemy Forced To Postpone Tour

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Submitted: "We are very sorry to have to announce the long awaited forthcoming headline tour from Metal titans Arch Enemy has had to be postponed until later this year.

Arch Enemy has released the following statement about the postponement

"Sorry to all our great UK fans, but the tour we had scheduled for next week has unfortunately been postponed ’til November 2010.

As we all know, it’s been a tough time in Europe with the volcanic ash shutting down airspace in 23 countries and causing travel misery for millions of people. One minute airports are open - the next they are not. We are determined to make these shows work but don’t want to disappoint our fans, so it has been mutually agreed upon that the best way forward is to postpone the UK dates ’til November."

We’d like to thank all of the promoters who took on the shows, and also the support bands - everything was shaping up very nicely and their professionalism is obvious. We appreciate their willingness to make these shows happen later in 2010 and we’re more eager than ever to do so.

It’s important to make it clear that this is not a cancellation - we just have to move the tour to a different time.

Sorry again to all who planned to attend. Hope to see you in November!"

The new and only UK Arch Enemy dates for 2010 are:

November 23 - Manchester - Academy 2
November 24 - Glasgow - Garage
November 25 - Wolverhampton - Wulfrun Hall
November 27 - London - The Forum
(w/ Sabbat)

All tickets will remain valid for the new dates."

News - FACT: In The Blink Of An Eye

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FACT will their new second full length album "In The Blink Of An Eye" through Hassle Records on the 3rd of May.

News - The Features Re-Schedule UK Tour

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Submitted: "The Features have had to reschedule their UK tour due to being stuck in the US because of some stuff in the air which stopped their plane getting off the ground.

All tickets will be valid and the new dates are:

Mon 28-Jun Glasgow King Tuts
Tues 29-Jun Birmingham Hare & Hound
Wed 30-Jun London Hyde Park
Thurs 01-Jul London Borderline
Fri 02-Jul Manchester Roadhouse"

News - Detroit Social Club Unleash Debut Album

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Detroit Social Club are set to release their debut album "Existence" on the 31st of May through Fiction. New single "Prophecy" will come a week earlier on the 24th of May.

News - Craving Some Stephen Dale Petit Are You...

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Stephen Dale Petit will release new album "The Crave" on the 19th of July through Universal Music/Absolute.

Live dates:

June 11th London 100 Club
June 25th Glastonbury Blues & Jazz Stage
July 15th Bristol O2 Academy
July 16th Oxford O2 Academy
July 17th Birmingham O2 Academy
July 19th Liverpool O2 Academy
July 20th Glasgow O2 ABC
July 21st Newcastle O2 Academy
July 29th Islington O2 Academy

News - Are Devil Sold His Soul Blessed Or Cursed?

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Devil Sold His Soul will release their new album "Blessed and Cursed" on the 12th of July through Century Media.

Track Listing:

1. Tides
2. Drowning/Sinking
3. Callous Heart
4. An Ocean of Lights
5. Frozen
6. The Disappointment
7. Crane Lake
8. A Foreboding Sky
9. The Weight of Faith (feat Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid/Sights and Sounds)
10. Truth Has Come

All confirmed May/June headline dates (support from The Boy will Drown):

31st May Bristol - The Croft
1st June Manchester - Moho
2nd June Glasgow - King Tuts
3rd June Nottingham - Rock City Basement

Other confirmed shows:

7th May Peterborough - Hellfire Club@ Club Revoloution
8th May Luxembourg - Durbury Rock Festival
29th May Slam Dunk Festival - Hatfield, London
30th May Slam Dunk Festival - Leeds University
26th June Ghostfest - Leeds University
27th June Ghostfest - Leeds University
8th August Hevy Music Festival - Folkstone

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

News - Tiffany Page New Album, Single and Hole Support

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BRAND NEW SINGLE 'On Your Head' Out 24th May 2010
DEBUT ALBUM 'Walk Away Slow' Out 22nd June 2010

23 year old Tiffany Page signed to Mercury Records in early 2009 and spent most of last summer in LA and London writing and recording her debut album, which will be released on June 20th.
Tiffany is poised to release a new single, 'On Your Head' on May 24th. On first listen it is her voice that will strike you first. It's a voice that knocks you back and then sits you to attention. It has the sassy swagger of Chrissie Hynde, Shirley Manson's vampish puss and the hellion roar of Courtney Love. It soars and soothes and cracks around the edges, as spiky as it is seductive. That it's wrapped around three perfectly formed minutes of sunburst guitars and a chorus that cements itself to the inside of your skull only enhances the effect.
Tiffany has been confirmed for the first ever New To Q tour in May, dates below.

3rd - O2 Academy, Glasgow - supporting Hole
5th - O2 Academy, Brixton - supporting Hole
6th May - Leeds University Union
7th May - O2 Academy, supporting Hole
9th May - O2 Academy - supporting Hole
10th - Manchester, Sound Control - New to Q tour launch
11th - Glasgow, King Tuts
12th - Newcastle, Academy 2
13th - Leeds, Cockpit
16th - Bristol, Academy 2
17th - Birmingham, Academy 2
18th - London, Garage

News - Glissando To Release Double A-Side Single

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Glissando will release a new double A side single on the 7th of June through Gizeh Records featuring two brand new songs entitled "The Long Lost" and "Of Silence".

The single is to be released as download and as a limited edition handmade CDr of 150 copies. Pre-orders will go on sale on May 3rd through the Gizeh Records online store. There will only be 40 available through the store and all pre-orders will receive an instant download code to enable you to get the songs and artwork before the release date. The other 110 will go via distribution to a few select outlets and Glissando will be taking a handful with them on the road in June.

News - Benicassim Festival 2010 - Get Involved

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This year’s Benicassim Festival (from 15th to 18th July) is looking to be a strong line up including:

Julian Casablancas, DJ Shadow, Goldfrapp.
Also: The Prodigy, Kasabian, Vampire Weekend, Leftfield, Dizzee Rascal, The Courteeners, The Cribs, DJ Shadow, Echo & The Bunnymen, Ellie Goulding, Foals, Goldfrapp, Hot Chip, Ian Brown, Klaxons, Mumford & Sons, PiL, The Specials, Temper Trap.

Not only does the music go on for 4 days, you get to camp there for up to 9 days too!

Get your tickets now for £160 + booking fee. More information at:

News - Lemuria Signs To Bridge Nine Records

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Lemuria have signed to Bridge Nine Records.

Label owner Chris Wrenn said, "It’s important for us to have a diverse roster of artists and we feel like Lemuria compliments a lot of our other bands while standing strong on their own accord. We’ve had Get Better in rotation in the office here for a while and after adding two hardcore bands to our roster, Mother of Mercy and Foundation, we decided to change it up a bit and sign Lemuria. I think our roster really mirrors our collective musical tastes and it’s always exciting to expand on the types of music we release."

Drummer Alex Kerns said, "We are so proud to announce that Bridge Nine will be releasing our second full-length album. B9 is a family of great bands and great people and we are honored to be welcomed aboard. We can’t wait to get started recording this July with J Robbins from Jawbox right after we wrap up a full US tour."

News - General Fiasco Support Kids In Glass Houses

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General Fiasco have the following upcoming UK tour dates in May supporting Kids In Glass Houses:

03/05/10 Leeds - Cockpit
04/05/10 Manchester - Academy 2
06/05/10 Sheffield - Leadmill
08/05/10 Nottingham - Rock City
09/05/10 Birmingham - Academy 2
11/05/10 London- Koko
12/05/10 Bournemouth University
13/05/10 Falmouth - Princess Pavillion
13/05/10 Exeter - Lemon Grove

News - Bridge Nine Records Bands On Tour!

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Bridge Nine Records have their bands on tour of Europe and the following dates apply:

Defeater/Dead Swans Tour w/ The Carrier:
Apr 24 Meerhout, Belgium - Groezrock Festival
Apr 25 Norwich, United Kingdom - The Marquee
Apr 26 Milton Keyenes, United Kingdom - Underpass/Craufurd Arms
Apr 27 Leeds, United Kingdom - The Well
Apr 28 Glasgow, United Kingdom - The Capitol
Apr 29 Bristol, United Kingdom - The Croft
Apr 30 Hain, Germany - Schwarzer Adler
May 01 Mechelen, Belgium - JC Metteko
May 02 Paris, France - La Peniche Alternat
May 03 Toulouse, France - Les Saints des Seines
May 04 Barakalado/Bilbao, Spain - Sala Edaska
May 05 Bordeaux, France - Heretic
May 06 Rennes, France - Mondo Bizarro
May 07 Trier, Germany - Ex-Haus
May 08 Brugg, Switzerland - Piccadilly
May 09 Bologna, Italy - Blogos
May 10 Wien, Austria - Shelter
May 11 Kosice, Slovakia (Slovak Republic) - Tabacka Kultur Fabrik
May 12 Poznan, Poland - Pod Minoga
May 13 Berlin, Germany - Lovelite
May 14 Lichtenstein, Germany - JZ Riot
May 15 Bayreuth, Germany - Rosenau
May 16 Bochum, Germany - Matrix
May 17 Southampton, United Kingdom - Unit
May 18 Birmingham, United Kingdom - Eddies Rock Club
May 19 London, United Kingdom - Underworld

Strike Anywhere Tour w/ Pennywise & A Wilhelm Scream:
Apr 24 Meerhout, Belgium - Groezrock Festival
Apr 25 Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof TBCA
pr 26 Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Apr 27 Berlin, Germany - SO36
Apr 28 Vienna, Austria - Planet.TT/Gasometer
Apr 30 Budapest, Hungary - Durer Kert
May 01 Maribor, Slovenia - Stuk
May 02 Munich, Germany - Werk
May 03 Zurich, Czech Republic - Dynamo
May 04 Istres (Marseille), France - L’Usine
May 06 Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apolo
May 07 Barakaido, Spain - Sala Rockstar
May 08 Toulouse, France - Bikini
May 09 Paris, France - Trabendo
May 11 Bristol, United Kingdom - Academy
May 12 Leeds, United Kingdom - Academy
May 13 Newcastle, United Kingdom - Academy
May 14 Glasgow, United Kingdom - ABC
May 15 Brimingham, United Kingdom - Academy
May 16 London, United Kingdom - Shepherds Bush Empire

H2O Tour:
Apr 23 Lisbon, Portugal - Cine-Teatro Corroios
Apr 24 Meerhout, Belgium - Groezrock Festival
Apr 25 Haarlem, Netherlands - Patronaat
Apr 26 Bremen, Germany - Tower
Apr 27 Örebro, Sweden - Kulturhuset
Apr 28 Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
Apr 29 Athens, Germany - Sin City Club
Apr 30 Warschau, Poland - Progresja
May 01 Leisning, Germany - S n S Warm Up
May 02 Prague, Czech Republic - Lucerna Music Bar
May 03 Wien, Australia - Shelter
May 04 Buchuresti, Romania - T.B.A.
May 05 Sofia, Bulgaria - T.B.A.May 06Belgrade, Serbia - Living Room
May 07 Lucinicio, Italy - Peiffe Factory
May 08 Zwiesel, Germany - Jugendcafe
May 09 Eindhoven, Netherlands - Dynamo

News - Musée Mécanique New Single

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Musée Mécanique have confirmed plans for a new single called "Sleeping in our Clothes" that will be released on the 3rd of May through Souterrain Transmissions.

News - Have Faith Paloma, Keep The Faith

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Paloma Faith will return to the stage in October as she tours the UK with a series of newly announced dates:

Oct 30 Newcastle City Hall
Oct 31 Manchester Apollo
Nov 1 Wolverhampton Civic
Nov 2 Edinburgh Corn Exchange
Nov 4 Plymouth Pavillions
Nov 5 Leiceister De Monfort Hall
Nov 7 Portsmouth Guildhall
Nov 8 London Hammersmith Apollo

Tickets go on sale Friday April 23rd at 9am.

Fans can also see Paloma performing at the following festivals this summer:

May 3 Cheltenham Jazz Festival
June 12 Isle of Wight Festival
June 27 Glastonbury Festival (Pyramid Stage)

News - Harvey Milk - A Small Turn of Human Kindness

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Harvey Milk will release new album "A Small Turn of Human Kindness" on the 7th of June through Hydra Head.

Track Listing:

1. *
2. I Just Want To Go Home
3. I Am Sick of All This Too
4. I Know This Is No Place For You
5. I Alone Got Up and Left
6. I Know This Is All My Fault
7. I Did Not Call Out

News - Cancer Bats Are Dead Wrong

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Cancer Bats will release their new single "Dead Wrong" on the 14th of June.

Cancer Bats have also just announced a bunch of dates in the autumn with Bring Me The Horizon:

21 - OXFORD Academy 2
22 - NORWICH Waterfront
23 - BIRMINGHAM Academy 2
24 - GLASGOW Garage
25 - LEEDS Cockpit
27 - MANCHESTER Club Academy
28 - COLCHESTER Arts Centre
29 - BRIGHTON Concorde 2
30 - EXETER Lemon Grove

News - Langhorne Slim May UK Tour

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Langhorne Slim has an upcoming UK tour in May:

7th May - Freebutt, Brighton
9th May - The Cluny, Newcastle
10th May - Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
11th May - Bodega, Nottingham
12th May - The Borderline, London
13th May - Louisiana, Bristol

News - Crowded House - New Album Details

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Crowded House will release their new album "Intriguer" on the 14th of June through Mercury Records.

You can get a free download of the album track "Saturday Sun" from the band’s official website right now:

Monday, 12 April 2010

News - HOLE - NOBODY'S DAUGHTER OUT - 03/05/10 + UK Tour

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Hole are set to release their first album in ten years on Mercury Records.

The new line up of Hole made headlines when they premiered at US music festival SXSW.

Glowing reviews appeared in both UK and US press. Hole were back.

No other singers return to the front line has been more feverishly anticipated in 2010 than Courtney Love's, as the legendary singer, songwriter, producer, and actress prepares for the arrival of 'Nobody's Daughter', the brand new album by Hole.

'Nobody's Daughter' is the first album by Hole in more than a decade (since 1998's three time Grammy-nominated 'Celebrity Skin'). It also marks the first record since her solo album 'America's Sweetheart' in 2004.

3rd - Glasgow 02 Academy
5th - London 02 Academy
7th - Manchester Academy 2
9th - Birmingham 02 Academy

Friday, 9 April 2010

News - Godspeed You! Black Emperor curate ATP Nightmare Before Christmas

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor will be curating this years ATP - The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Wow. Pretty amazing stuff.

More Info:

Thursday, 8 April 2010

News - Chase & Status - April / May UK Tour

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On 28th April, Chase & Status embark on their biggest live tour to date with 15 shows over April and May 2010. The tour will coincide with the May release of their first single from their highly anticipated second album, the follow up to 'More Than A Lot'.

Chase & Status' first live show came in the form of an incendiary performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend last year. This paved the way for major summer festival slots at the likes of Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Bestival, Global Gathering and Creamfields, as well as their first live headline tour which saw them playing to over 30,000 people. Featuring MC Rage, Andy Gangadeen on drums, Chase & Status Live, described by Mixmag as "rocking the living crap out of dance floors across the globe", is one show not to be missed.

Chase & Status released single 'End Credits' featuring Plan B in November and it stormed straight into the Top 10. The single was taken from the recent hit British movie Harry Brown, starring Michael Caine and also Plan B. Preceding 'End Credits', Chase & Status released their debut album 'More Than A Lot' on the independent label RAM last year, selling 75,000 copies and quickly amassing legions of fans.

Whether it is Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, or Dubstep, the duo's versatility has enabled them to become leaders within the most cutting edge genres. In the past 12 months their production work includes some highly-praised remix work for Jay Z and The Prodigy's recent comeback, collaborations with Snoop Dogg and more recently, Chase & Status worked on Rihanna's album Rated R.

The duo say of the tour - "We're really looking forward to getting out on the road and testing out our new material with our live band. I think people are expecting the new album to be full of big American featured artists, but in fact we've decided to keep it UK, for the most part. We just think there's more than enough talent in the UK for us to work with, to help create what we hope will be a really exciting record."

Show details below - tickets on sale now - go to for links to buy.

April 28th - Oxford, The Regal
April 29th - London, Koko
April 30th - Manchester, Academy
May 1st - Glasgow, ABC
May 2nd - Birmingham, Electric Carnival
May 4th - Leeds, Academy
May 5th - Sheffield. Academy
May 6th - Bournemouth, Academy
May 7th - St Austell, Cornwall (Eden Project)
May 8th - Bristol, The Academy
May 9th - Cardiff, Great Hall
May 11th - Nottingham, Rock City
May 12th - Norwich, UEA
May 13th - Lincoln, Engine Shed
May 15th - Brighton, Corn Exchange

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

News - Kassidy Single, Video & Tour

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Kassidy are set to play major festivals this summer, kicking off at The Camden Crawl in London. With producer Jim Abiss (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Noisettes, Stereophonics) at the helm theirs is a sound that is as idiosyncratic as it is diverse, and one which could easily define your summer.

Stray Cat (see the video in our multimedia section now) will be available on download and 7" picture disc:

1. Stray Cat
2. Stray Cat Acapella

You can see Kassidy live on the following dates -

April 19 The Garage, London

April 20 Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

April 21 King Tuts, Glasgow

April 22 Roadhouse, Manchester

May 1 Holy Trinity Church (Live in Leeds)

May 2 Camden Crawl, London

May 8 Darvel "4" Seasons Music Festival, Ayrshire -Scotland

May 15 Hector's House (The Great Escape), Brighton

July 9 Oxegen Festival

July 11 T in the Park

July 16 Latitude Festival

News - Russian Circles on tour with Earthless

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It has to be the ultimate double bill of cosmic nodding instrumental rock n'roll this year. Chicago's Russian Circles join Californian wig out geniuses Earthless for a tour of epically sonic proportions, kicking off this coming Thursday in Bristol.

The full dates are:

Thu 08-Apr UK Bristol Thekla
Fri 09-Apr UK Leeds Brudenell
Sat 10-Apr UK Glasgow Captain’s Rest
Sun 11-Apr UK Manchester Islington Mill
Mon 12-Apr UK Nottingham Rock City Basement
Tue 13-Apr UK London Underworld

News - Gang of Four Return!

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One of the most revered of the English post-punk groups, music legends Gang of Four are back and offering their fans the unique opportunity to participate in the release of their brand new album entitled ’Content’ via Pledge Music.

Gang Of Four first came to prominence with the release of their seminal ’Damaged Goods’ EP before they released their hugely acclaimed debut album, Entertainment!, which has subsequently appeared in every rock music list of Top 100 ’all time albums’.

Among the incentives on offer are 500, signed limited edition Gang of Four ’Ultimate Content Cans’. Inside the can are the new CD, a book of artworks by Jon King and Andy Gill illustrating and analysing the last 40 years of world history, a booklet of drawings depicting the band’s emotions, phials of blood and a scratch and sniff booklet.

Other unique incentives in this campaign include :
A limited edition cassette tape, which will feature a never-before-released recording of the band’s first ever gig (recorded at the Cellar Bar, Leeds Corn Exchange in May 1977) on one side, and the new album on the other. The cassette tape will come in a Walkman that has been individually decorated with artwork by Jon King and Andy Gill.
. ?Entrance to a private view of a Gang of Four exhibition and gig at the ICA in London.
. ?An exclusive Question and Answer evening with Jon and Andy.
. ?The chance to buy a signed guitar accidentally broken on stage by Andy Gill during the song ’Anthrax’.
. ?An opportunity for a fan to have one of their own songs personally remixed by Gang of Four.

Gang of Four are also offering a ’pledgers only updates page’ on the Pledge Music website where they will be sharing videos, demos, rough mixes, previously unreleased songs from the archives plus blogs and photos.

The Gang of Four pledge campaign is now live. Please visit or for more information.