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Review - The Maccabees - Can You Give It (Single)

The Maccabees - Can You Give It (Single)

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8 out of 10

Simplicity is at the heart of all that is best with The Maccabees. 'Colour It In' was a fantastic debut album full of passion and energy with songs oozed effortless cool by not trying too hard.

It isn't surprising that 'Wall of Arms' hasn't quite drawn such gushing praise, firstly the band has a few too many Y chromosomes to be involved in the currently pop revival which may or may not have been mentioned by the media recently. There's that, and the rather odd Matthew Horne connection which I'm at a loss to understand.

Of course this bears no reflection on the musical content of the sophomore album, and I suppose in this paragraph I should start writing like this - blah more mature blah considered sound blah etc. You get the picture. 'Can You Give It' however embodies all that first got us casting flirtatious glances at the band.

Complicated it is not, with the song title being repeated more times than Michael Jackson jokes and providing a rather thick wedge of bready carbohydrate in-between nine delicate morsels of lyrical meat. Trust me I've slammed bands for less (lyrics or lack of them, not Jacko jokes).

It would be a problem if its wasn't such an infectious bready filling, with a tight drum beat and powerful guitar chords held together by simple yet carefully chosen words. It's wonderful and manages to bridge the gap between what The Maccabees past and present tense. I've not even mentioned the video or the promise of a colliery brass band version b-side.


1. Can You Give It

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